BREWS NEWS(7.16.18)

Written By: Alex Taylor
Edited By: Isis Jones


Atlas “Ugly & Stoned”
Style: American Wild Ale
ABV: 6%
A collaboration between Atlas, MOMs Organic Grocery stores and the Environmental Working Group. Each year in the US, 40% of our food supply is thrown away. To call attention to this massive issue, Atlas brewed Ugly & Stoned. They recaptured ugly fruit from MOMs, fruit that is perfectly edible but doesn’t meet consumers aesthetics. Rather than this fruit going into the waste stream, Atlas takes the stone fruit and puts it in a kettle soured American ale. The result is a beautifully tart, aromatic, and deep flavored beer that is a creative solution to a large problem and helps us get the word out about food waste in America.  


Heavy Seas “Grand Crew”
Style: Belgian Strong Pale Ale
ABV: 8.5%
With this intrepid Belgian-style ale, Heavy Seas amassed  the cumulative skills of their Grand Crew to create this red wine barrel-aged masterpiece. Brewed with an eclectic mix of aromatic Belgian malts and a carefully curated selection of yeasts, Heavy Seas hopes it doesn’t suck.

Via Atlas Brew Works Twitter @AtlasBrewWorks

Via Atlas Brew Works Twitter @AtlasBrewWorks

Bell’s “The Oracle Ale”
Style: Imperial IPA
ABV: 10%
Bell’s take on the West Coast-style double IPA, The Oracle places hop intensity first and foremost, making only the slightest concession to malt and balance. The fireworks start with the aromatic punch of dry-hop sessions with hop varieties from the Pacific Northwest, citrusy hop flavors mixed with aggressive bitterness from a massive kettle addition deliver on that aromatic promise.


Heavy Seas/NoDa Partner Ships “Hoppy Wheat Ale”
Style: Belgian Strong Pale Ale
ABV: 5%
The second Partner Ship series for 2018 is collaborated with NoDa Brewing Company out of Charlotte, NC. This beer looks to Mosaic, Simcoe, and Azacca to have some nice synergy and create a very hop forward summer wheat. To compliment the fruity and tropical notes from the hops, grapefruit and tangerine peel are incorporated late in the brew in the hopback with Simcoe. American Wheat yeast will keep it clean and crisp, while allowing the hops to shine. A robust dry-hop of the three hops in perfect ratio works to pull it all together.  



Bell’s “Quinannan Falls”
Style: Dry-Hopped Pale Lager
ABV: 6.5%

Notes: Literally born in a dream: Larry Bell, president and founder of Bell’s, dreamt that he was at the mystically hidden retreat of Quinannan Falls, somewhere in the boreal north. Neither Quinannan Falls nor the beer actually existed outside his imagination, but he remembered enough about it to sketch a recipe and label, which was put into full form by Michigan artist Kathleen Kalinowski, the following morning. The end result is a dry-hopped lager that possesses a crisp, dry bitterness you would expect from a German pilsner, but the use of highly aromatic Simcoe hops from the Pacific Northwest, evoke the fragrant pine forests that inspired this beer.

Flying Dog

Flying Dog “Alpha Initiative #03 IPA”
Style: American IPA
ABV: 6.8%

Notes: Alpha Initiative is a playground for Flying Dog’s brewers to explore, create, and analyze all things IPA. Pilot #03 is all about essential oils. To compliment the juicy tropical fruit notes of a Galaxy dry hop, a natural hop oil was added post fermentation. The oil is a blend of flavor and aroma fractions from a variety of hops to create an apricot, peach, and stone fruit profile.  


Stone “Farking Wheaton w00tstout 2018”
Imperial Stout
ABV: 11.5%

Notes: This barre;-aged palate saver has been a favorite among Stone fans since its inception in 2013. Pecans, wheat, flaked rye, and bourbon-soaked wood provide this whopping, complex superhero version of an imperial stout with a profound complexity that makes it ideal for cellaring…if you can wait that long.


DuClaw “All Along The Hop Tower Double IPA”
Style: Imperial IPA
ABV: 8%

Notes: Named after the Jimi Hendrix hit, “All Along The Watchtower”, this hazy, juicy, and tropical flavor bomb is sure to take you on a journey as smooth as your favorite riff.


Flying Dog “Lemon Lime Pilsner”
Style: Czech Pilsner
ABV: 5.4%

Notes: Sweet and sour. Only one of those describes Serina, Flying Dog’s tour guide who spreads the Gospel of Gonzo in their tasting room day after day. Both describe her pitch during their annual Brewhouse Rarities retreat for a crisp pilsner with a twist of lemon and lime.   



Yards “Pynk”
Style: Fruit Beer
ABV: 5.5%

Notes: Yards decided to give back to the community with this one, donating money for every case and pint sold to breast cancer research and awareness. As for the beer itself, 3300 lbs. of sweet and sour cherries and fresh raspberries are added to each batch, resulting in a tart, effervescent, pink brew. Delighting the palate, this light-bodied brew finishes refreshingly dry. Drinking for a cause is a beautiful thing, and in this case, Yards has proudly donated a portion of Pynk sales to the Tyanna Foundation to help increase awareness and improve the lives of breast cancer patients since 2013. This beer is considered an “extended” seasonal, making a statement for awareness throughout the summer months, concluding at the finish line in October for Breast Cancer Awareness Month.


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  • Atlas Madoff Double Ponzi (draft only)

  • Bell’s The Oracle Double IPA (draft and bottles)

  • Boulevard Berliner Weisse (draft and cans)

  • Boulevard Changeling (draft only)

  • Boulevard Tough Kitty (draft and bottles)

  • Brewer’s Art Penguin Pils (cans)

  • Stone 22nd Anniversary (draft and cans)

  • Terrapin Gamma Ray (draft and cans)

  • Terrapin Himalayan Pink Sea Salt Lime Gose (draft and can)

  • Terrapin Touch of Grisette (draft and 16oz cans)

If you are an account, note that everything listed above is subject to sale in specific territories. Refer to our Territory Map to see what brands are available for us to sell to you